P. V. W. C. A. 

Established in 2011 as a non-profit organization

Grants We Give

The Ponte Vedra Women's Civic Alliance invites all qualified organizations to apply fo for our annual grant.  Each year, organizations have an opportunity to share their mission, projects and impact on our community.  Based on a standard application process, members of P.V.W.C.A. select an organization to be our Annual Beneficiary. 

Below are details for our grant application process. If you are interested in speaking with one of us, please complete the form below. 

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Criteria To Apply

Location: Organization must be based in St. John's County or the Beaches which extend to Atlantic Beach. 

Organization Status: Must be a 501c3

Relationship with P.V.W.C.A.: Was not a recipient of the Annual Beneficiary Award in the past 4 years.

Aligns with the Annual Category: To assure diversity of organizations, P.V.W.C.A. is choosing to categorize 501c3 into 2 categories: Social Services (odd years) & Other (even years).  

Category Description

Social Services: Organizations that help people in need.  Examples could include organizations focused on: Homeless,  Victims of Sex Trafficking; United Way; At risk youth programs, Poverty, Hunger; Housing; Refugee; Medical for services for the people in need; Boys & Girls Clubs. Some of the organizations we've worked with include: Hope at Hand, Mission House, Wild Flower Clinic, BEAM.

OTHER: This broad category could have organizations focused on: Animals, Arts, Environment, Education, Health Organizations, Cultural, Research, etc.  Some of the organizations we've worked with include:  Ponte Vedra Public Education, Pawsitively Pets, Blessings in a Backpack, Scholarship Funds. 

Annual Timeline

Application Process:
May 1st  - July 31st 2019

Application Process:  2019 Beneficiary will be in the Social Services category. May 1st, we will announce the amount of the grant.  From this time until July 31st, organizations who qualify may apply. It is a 2 phased process which include an on-line application plus a personal interview.  With the intention to keep the process personalized, applicants will have an opportunity to speak with a P.V.W.C.A. representative throughout the process. Furthermore, we simplified the on-line application to minimize your administrative processes. 

Application Review:
Aug 1st - Oct 15th 2019

During this time, the General Membership will have an opportunity to learn about the organizations and how our grant could be spent. This helps prepare them for the General Membership Vote. 

Grant Awarded: 
November 2019

At the final 2019 General Membership meeting, each member will vote for the organization they feel should earn the grant.  The Annual Beneficiary is awarded based on popular vote.  After informing all applicants of the decision, P.V.W.C.A. will announce the Beneficiary & distribute funds. The date of the 2019 November meeting is TBA. 

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